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Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.

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The Way It Went Down
over 4 years ago – Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 11:08:47 PM

The latest Delta Green download is now available. The Way It Went Down, a collection of 33 brief stories by Dennis Detwiller, is available for $2.99 at DriveThruRPG and DriveThruFiction. It will be available on the Amazon Kindle store soon. We hope you enjoy it. A free download link has been sent to all backers whose rewards include all PDFs funded by this Kickstarter.

Ebook now available
Ebook now available


Other Books

Work on the other books proceeds. The Handler's Guide and The Fall of Delta Green are at the printers. We will have mockups of the Handler's Guide slipcase set soon.

A Night at the Opera is at the halfway mark. Its PDF edition will go out to pre-orderers as soon as the PDF is ready.

Drip Debuts With Delta Green

We’re happy to announce Delta Green is the first RPG up on Kickstarter Drip!

Kickstarter has—in no small way—made it possible for Delta Green to flourish. Now, it only makes sense that Delta Green has found a home on Kickstarter’s new patron-service, Drip. Pitch in per creation to see works in progress, gain access to playtests, and to trade questions and more with the creators of Delta Green.

Before, we’d toil behind-the-scenes for months or years before we could release something, now, our fans can see all of our work in all stages of progress. See art before it’s finalized. Read early drafts of scenarios. Playtest items before they see publication. Provide feedback and ideas on new monsters, methods, spells, and threats before they become an official part of the Delta Green universe.

Seventeen days are left in the 30-day “Founders” period, when you can pitch in to become one of the core members of the group. Support the conspiracy.

The Delta Green Kickstarter Drip and the Delta Green Patreon will have identical content, so our faithful patrons have no need to worry.

Become a founding member now!

"Delta Green: The Way It Went Down" backer download
over 4 years ago – Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 11:05:53 PM

The latest Delta Green download is now available: The Way It Went Down, a collection of 33 brief stories by Dennis Detwiller. As one of your backer rewards, please download a complimentary copy of this ebook from this link:

The Way It Went Down is available to everyone else for $2.99 at DriveThruRPG and DriveThruFiction. It will be available on the Amazon Kindle store soon. We hope you enjoy it.

over 4 years ago – Wed, Jan 03, 2018 at 12:52:05 AM

Even Death Has a Half-Life
Even Death Has a Half-Life

Two days ago, a newspaper delivery driver found retired geneticist Tibalt Grieves dead outside his suburban home. Police found Grieves’ girlfriend dead in the house. A detective discovered a hidden lab, outfitted with bio-hazard scrubbers. A CDC specialist found unidentifiable samples—samples that indicated that something had gotten loose. When the sun rose, Grieves’ body began to smolder and disintegrate.

It was another five hours before Delta Green got involved.

In Viscid, the Agents must keep a lid on a story that threatens to spin out into the public in all its unnatural detail. They must delve into the secrets of strange and lethal forces acting in secrecy all around them. They must follow a trail of carnage to a horrifying communion.

As far as Delta Green is concerned, staying alive is the last of their priorities.

Now Available

We are proud to announce our latest release, Delta Green: Viscid. If you have Viscid as a Kickstarter reward, you can find a link to the PDF under Digital Downloads at BackerKit.

Viscid is also available in paperback. Please note that only Viscid's PDF publication was funded by Kickstarter, not its printing and delivery in paperback, so only its PDF edition is going out as a backer reward. But if you have Viscid's PDF as a backer reward, you get a $5 discount (the value of the PDF) off the cost of the print edition. A link to ordering it in paperback at that discount is also in your Digital Downloads in BackerKit.

Everyone else can order Viscid in PDF and paperback at DriveThruRPG.

A House Favorite 

As an aside, an early draft of Viscid provided the most memorable game our Gen Con booth team ever played. 

It was two or three years ago, in a game that Dennis Detwiller ran for me (Shane Ivey), Delta Green contributor Greg Stolze, graphic designer Simeon Cogswell, and our friends John Marron and Kevin Pezzano. After only an hour of play, our team had bungled things catastrophically. "The morgue exploded with us in it" catastrophically. 

Only John's character -- a State Department diplomat who had never been on a Delta Green operation -- survived, and she was badly injured. She regained consciousness in the hospital. Not long after that, she got a call from Delta Green. The other bodies were -- well, to avoid too many spoilers let's say they were affected by what they were investigating. They had to be destroyed, immediately, to prevent that, um, effect from spreading. With the rest of the team wiped out, she was the closest thing they had to an Agent in place. 

For the next two hours, John played through his crippled, wounded, traumatized agent's struggle to get down to the hospital's morgue, evade or overcome a morgue attendant, incinerate the bodies before she got caught or things got any worse, and escape before the police came. The rest of us did not bother rolling up new characters until the next game session. We just sat and watched, spellbound. Ask any of us to name the most suspenseful game we were ever in, and that's the game that comes up.

The funny thing is, of course, that it was almost a sideline. Some version of that scene might have come up in just about any Delta Green scenario. But the sense of urgency came from the initial horrors of Viscid. 

We hope you enjoy it, too.

Going to press!
over 4 years ago – Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 11:56:07 PM

The Handler’s Guide is going to press. All that’s missing are the endpapers—the inside cover designs—which our graphic designer is striving to finish before the holidays are out. While he's doing that, the printer will be preparing the rest of the book and its slipcase. It can be pre-ordered in hardback or downloaded now in PDF.


This is Shane Ivey with Arc Dream Publishing. The Handler’s Guide is just the start of the coming Delta Green landslide. As always, please log in to BackerKit to check your Delta Green rewards.

Works in Progress

Pelgrane Press expects to publish the final PDF of The Fall of Delta Green by the end of December and to send it to press in January.

Dennis Detwiller is editing Control Group and getting its scenarios in the hands of playtesters; writing Impossible Landscapes; and illustrating various Delta Green projects in between. I expect—knock on wood—to publish Control Group in PDF in the spring. The hardback will come a few months after the PDF.

Chris Gunning, primary author of the "Federal Agencies" section of the Agent’s Handbook, is doing final revisions and additions for a ton of new agencies for the forthcoming Redacted Files. We expect to publish them in the spring.

The PISCES team, led by Giles Hill and Adam Crossingham, are working on PISCES.

I’m working on Deep State; finalizing plans for Operational History and Falling Towers; preparing the ebook release of the microfiction collection The Way It Went Down; and preparing the new issue of The Unspeakable Oath for layout as soon as its art comes in. 

I expect to send out The Way It Went Down in January and the Oath in February or March. We’ll have reliable dates for Operational History, Deep State, PISCES, and Falling Towers once they’re a little farther along.

The latest of our monthly scenarios is Delta Green: Viscid. It ran into some technical problems on the production side but it ought to be available next week.

A Night at the Opera  

"Viscid" also appears in a hardback scenario collection that we’re offering in response to fan requests. We did not anticipate printing these scenarios, let alone in a nice hardback, so it’s not part of the Kickstarter rewards. But even with the new scenarios available in paperback, some fans asked for a hardback too. If you would like a full-color hardback that collects scenarios like "Viscid," "Reverberations," "Music From a Darkened Room," and others, you can pre-order Delta Green: A Night at the Opera now. 

(Warning: Its international shipping costs, set by our warehouse and the U.S. Postal Service, are very high. If you’re outside the U.S., we would not blame you for waiting until it has been printed and shipped to international distributors.)



Dennis Detwiller maintains a popular Delta Green Patreon site for previews, prizes, microfiction, audio recordings of Delta Green games, and other odds and ends. Recent Patreon releases included playtest files (“Ex Oblivione,” “Night Visions,” “Blacksat”), microfiction (“The Cemetery Papers,” “Awake Again,” “Between Here and Forever”), and audio of my run of Future/Perfect Part 2 for friends here in Birmingham.

As I’m sure you know, Patreon garnered a huge amount of trouble over the last couple of weeks with a proposed change to their fees, but they canceled that change and things have gone back to normal. Nevertheless, we’re setting up a mirrored program on Drip, Kickstarter’s version of Patreon, for those who want to switch. We’ll send a link to that when it goes live.

Gen Con 2018

Gen Con 2017 was barely four months ago, but it’s already time to start planning for Gen Con 2018. Event submission begins 7 JAN 2018. We want to see Delta Green games in the program! We’ll announce more details in a couple of weeks -- special rewards for volunteers -- so start thinking about it now. 

Thank you again for supporting Delta Green. We can’t wait to see the Handler’s Guide, and the rest of the upcoming series, in your hands.  

Shane Ivey
Arc Dream Publishing

Handler's Guide corrections
over 4 years ago – Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 11:45:43 PM

Hi everybody. Shane Ivey here from Arc Dream. Now that the Handler's Guide has been out in PDF for a few weeks, we hope you have enjoyed it. 

A lot of people asked how they could report typos or other corrections. Thank you! We have set up a form where you can do just that, between now at December 15:

After December 15, the book will be at the printer. If you want to report errors, don't miss that deadline.

In the meantime, we're putting the final touches on our next short project, the scenario Viscid, which will be available in the next week or two. We're finalizing the scenario collection Control Group and Dennis is working on Impossible Landscapes.

Finally, our indie RPG Puppetland is part of the Indie Cornucopia at the Bundle of Holding for two weeks. You can get Puppetland, MASHED, vs. Stranger Stuff Season 2, the Daring Comics RPG, Blood and Bone, The Sprawl, and Seven Wonders—seven wonderful games, all at once. Grab them now!