Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game

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Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Delta Green: Conspiracies deepen
about 1 year ago – Fri, Aug 14, 2020 at 04:36:17 PM

Delta Green's work is never done. Agents close off one incursion and its destruction of the human mind and world. Another incursion irrupts into our lives and spreads like rot.

Glory is too much to ask. But we can seek commiseration. Recently the authors of your Agents' misfortunes met on Twitch to talk about Delta Green, new developments, tradecraft and terror.

Conspiracies themselves tend to spread and deepen until the stench of them is too much for even the most careless witness to ignore. A team of MAJESTIC researchers and BLUE FLY commandos learn that to their peril and sorrow in late 1998 in the long scenario Jack Frost, now in its final stages of revision and under illustration. 

Our last playtest is about to end. The final product will likely be available in November.

Nebraska's plains holdother another horror that emerged in 1998. Explore it with PX Poker Night, fully edited and updated for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game and illustrated throughout. A small crew of Air Force misfits look forward to one good night a week. This week, that night will turn very bad.

Secrecy and silence await the survivors

Purpose draw us in deeper. In 1995, Agents enter the Macallistar building in New York. They find there the Night Floors, regions of living, waking dream and nightmare where the supposed stability of human reality yields to the decay of Carcosa. The scenario "The Night Floors" appeared first in Delta Green: Countdown. It is much, much expanded and deepened in Impossible Landscapes, a huge campaign that offers to show your Agents the Yellow Sign and invites them to the stages where set pieces and costumes gather dust for the performance we call life. Impossible Landscapes is in design now.

In progress

Rewards beyond these accumulated in Delta Green's KS project, years ago. Drafts of PISCES and Deep State are under review and in development. The ARCHINT download collecting tomes and artifacts ought to be available in December. Falling Towers still draws lines of power and death about itself. 

Awards too have gathered. The Labyrinth won the Gold ENnie for Best Supplement in Gen Con Online, where volunteers ran dozens of Delta Green games for newcomers and veterans alike. Special rewards go out to those volunteers next week. The Labyrinth is available to everyone now in print, in pdf, and in retail.

Countless other conventions have canceled or gone online this strange year. With Gen Con Online behind us we invite volunteers to run Delta Green for more fans in other events. Look for details soon.

Iconoclasts too comes nearer publication, overlooked as it was in our discussion of rewards. Adam Scott Glancy's 32-page scenario will be a 128-page campaign of Agents pursuing the accidental release of a lethal god into warring Mosul in 2016. We expect to see the Iconoclasts PDF in December or January.

Evil takes many forms

Sites hopeless as death can be found beyond America's endless wars, of course. With PX Poker Night complete, Black Sites goes into production in October and should be available in hardback in March. 

Kickstarter was home last year to another bringer of strange joy to Yuggoth, the amusing card game Wrestlenomicon. It ships from the manufacturer at the end of this month and will ship to backers in October. Backers and pre-order customers, log in to BackerKit to review your information and payment. Orders will be locked down and collected this Monday, 17 AUG 2020.

So our work goes on. Haphazardly. Inexorably. Driven by inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration distracts or diverts. Sometimes it falls prey to the crushing weight of the world falling all around. We struggle on for the hope to offer meaning or catharsis or simple entertainment. What visions and movements we feel inside yearn to reach you. We urge you to acquiesce.


Impossible Landscapes and Iconoclasts and Jack Frost approach
about 1 year ago – Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 08:00:24 PM

 Help Delta Green: The Labyrinth Win an ENnie! 

John Scott Tynes’ Delta Green: The Labyrinth is nominated for the ENnie Award for Best Supplement. And Arc Dream Publishing is up for Fan Favorite Publisher. Voting ends Sunday, 12 JUL 2020. We hope you’ll join us in voting “1” for The Labyrinth and Arc Dream. And we urge you to do it right away. Time bends in on itself and leaves missed opportunities forever lost in whorls of causality, unobserved, indeterminate, meaningless in the unwatching and unthinking gaze of Azathoth.

Then watch the ENnie Awards show online Friday night, 31 JUL 2020, and see what miracles you have wrought!

 Status of the Delta Green RPG Kickstarter

The last elements are falling into place. Falling, falling. Dennis Detwiller’s massive King in Yellow campaign Impossible Landscapes is in its final round of editing now and goes to layout next week. We expect to see it in PDF in the fall and in hardback in winter.

Shane Ivey’s scenario “Jack Frost” has been fully revised and rewritten and edited. Its revised version is in playtest now and we may to see it in PDF and paperback in September. Dennis Detwiller is building ARCHINT.

Gil Trevizo withdrew from developing Operational History for personal reasons but it is now in the eminently qualified hands of Chris Spivey of Darker Hue Studios (Harlem Unbound, Haunted West).

Adam Scott Glancy turned in a comprehensive post-playtest revision of “Iconoclasts” a long while back and it waits on Ivey’s desk for review and final editing. We likewise have a first pass of PISCES in hand for team review.

Chris Gunning is developing Deep State. Ivey’s campaign Falling Towers will be the last to come together. Elements of it have been coagulating for 22 years. It will ripen quickly.

We Have Not Yet Begun to Update You

Gen Con Online... Black Sites... The Way It Went Down 2... Wrestlenomicon... Swords & Sorceries... Gunslinger... See the latest Delta Green newsletter and plumb depths beyond dreaming.

The dice sing a tune to which the false people dance
over 1 year ago – Wed, May 20, 2020 at 05:31:02 AM

The dice sing a tune to which the false people dance while the book leads you all on. And whether you want it or not, you dance. 

We dance. 

We all dance this way, hand in hand, until the end of the world.

Impossible Landscapes still occupies most of our labor. Presently 156,418 words, it will likely be 320 pages long. It has undergone three rounds of editing and revisions and has at least one still to go before layout. It is possible that we send it to layout in July and have a PDF in August and a hardback in December.

Remember, you can review your rewards in BackerKit by logging in here with your Kickstarter email address: 

A family of three still “lives” here: Aneate, Lemark, and Besar Barré—mother, father, and child. Each has a blood-stained pillowcase over their head, marked by a bullet hole and muzzle burn, slick with blood and brains. Their features are hidden beneath the cloth. But they go about their daily lives, unperturbed.

Other rewards linger. We present them in order of hypothetical nearness to publication. Quantum mechanics and Delta Green deal in probabilities, never certainties until observation fixes an object into a final state. Some of the projects could come sooner but I prefer to remain conservative in my equivocation.

ARCHINT: PDF, about 32 pages. Needs its first draft completed. Then review, revisions, art, maps, copy editing, layout. ETA: Maybe July.

Iconoclasts: PDF, about 64 pages. Needs a final review to see if it needs further playtesting. Then copy editing and layout. ETA: Maybe August. 

Jack Frost: PDF, about 32 pages. Needs final revisions and probably a round of playtesting. Then further revisions, copy editing, layout. ETA: Maybe September.

PISCES: Hardback and PDF, about 192 pages. Needs first-draft review and revisions. Then playtesting, final revisions, art and maps, copy editing, layout. ETA: Maybe January 2021 in PDF and May 2021 in hardback.

Deep State: Hardback and PDF, about 192 pages. Needs its first draft completed. Then review, revisions, playtesting, revisions, art, maps, copy editing, layout. ETA: Maybe March 2021 in PDF and July 2021 in hardback.

Operational History: PDF, about 80 pages. Needs its first draft completed. Then review, revisions, art, maps, copy editing, layout. ETA: Maybe April 2021.

Falling Towers: Hardback and PDF, about 192 pages. Needs its first draft completed. Then review, revisions, playtesting, revisions, art, maps, copy editing, layout. ETA: Maybe May 2021 in PDF and September 2021 in hardback.

Recording 10: A teenage boy is heard running a sink full-blast while chanting, “Show me more, show me more, show me more.” Occasionally a squeaking sound is heard. Eventually, a second voice speaks in a low, slow, croaking voice. It sounds like a very old and sick man speaking between bellowing gasps for air. Over the course of 2 minutes and 24 seconds, it says: “And so we come to our end, of sorts. A play that contains multitudes. All who died. All who live. All who yet shall. Upon this stage with us forever.”

What impossible landscapes wait beyond the cracked corners of this false world?
over 1 year ago – Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 12:54:59 AM

Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes is nearly complete. Not entirely. Perhaps never entirely. What is the concept of completion to those who have imagined the King in Yellow? The Stranger at the inescapable masquerade? The shifting streets of Carcosa? The twin suns sinking behind the lake? All those haunting thoughts give the mind the comfort of despair, played out on stages in acts of desperate pareidolia. By what hubris speak we of completion?

Abigail W., a regional manager for Seere, Inc., fails to show up to work for two weeks. When she finally arrives, she claims to have traveled to a foreign country to marry a king. But her demeanor is disheveled, and many say she is not herself. Should you report this to mental health services? (Y/N)

Impossible Landscapes is nearly ready for you. It still has a few editorial passes to go. It still could benefit from feedback by readers not daunted by its scope and its distressing intimations. We conceived it as a campaign about 160 pages long, perhaps up to 192, no longer than the Agent's Handbook. Its manuscript's page count is 333. That number has no occult significance. No more than any other number, at any rate. It is merely a number. An imaginary object by which to focus thought into a pattern or structure for the deeper understanding of reality. It would be better for the number to have no significance.

Say the things we cannot say elsewhere. Find ourselves and know ourselves. Become the rulers of our own lives. Say what you will.

Those of you who have the PDF or hardback edition of Impossible Landscapes as a reward or pre-order can find its current manuscript in BackerKit.  

Your invitation is enclosed.

*Three* rewards are out today: Future/Perfect 3, Future/Perfect 4, and Ex Oblivione
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 10:36:08 PM

Today we've sent three rewards out to backers. 

Future/Perfect, Part 3

Duxbury, Pennsylvania, is shrouded in secrets. For decades, it has been virtually a company town, run by a subsidiary of Hunt Electronics, Inc. Hunt Electronics came to Delta Green's attention in deadly encounters in Death Valley (Future/Perfect, Part 1) and amid the Ohio serpent mounds (Future/Perfect, Part 2). Now the Agents must look deeper into Hunt Electronics' most secretive and suspicious project. It lurks in the depths of Duxbury, where the whole town enthusiastically supports its largest employer, and the employees work with the dedication that comes only with a mission that's larger than any of them. Arthur Hunt is long dead, but it seems his dream to change the face of the Earth is alive and well.

If you backed Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game at one of the "All the PDFs" levels, you can find Future/Perfect, Part 3 in your Digital Downloads on BackerKit. 

Future/Perfect, Part 3 is also available in the Delta Green Operations Bundle, running until 28 OCT 2019 at Bundle of Holding. It will go on sale separately on Halloween.

Future/Perfect, Part 4

From Death Valley to the Ohio serpent mounds to a cultish industrial plant, the Agents have pursued the secrets of long-dead inventor Arthur Hunt and his legacy of unnatural power and danger. Now they face the ultimate revelations. A culture all but extinct, fallen before humanity learned to record its history, struggles to rise and conquer from the distant past. And a force beyond space-time itself looks on, turning the Agents' desperate struggles and sacrifices to its own inconceivable ends. If the Agents survive, it may only be to see a world changed and traumatized even more drastically than themselves.

If you backed Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game at one of the "All the PDFs" levels, you can find Future/Perfect, Part 4 in your Digital Downloads on BackerKit. 

Future/Perfect, Part 4 is also available in the Delta Green Operations Bundle, running until 28 OCT 2019 at Bundle of Holding. It will go on sale separately on Halloween.

Ex Oblivione

A gruesome crime draws Delta Green to the haunted desert. Bodies have been ritualistically mutilated. Bizarre words carved into the drywall speak to the insanity of the killer -- and, to Delta Green, the urgency of the investigation: HOME DAGON HOME HOME YHANTHLEI SEA TO THE SEA.

Ex Oblivione replaces Wormwood Arena as a backer reward and preorder. If you backed Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game at one of the "All the PDFs" levels, or if you pre-ordered Wormwood Arena, you can find Ex Oblivione in your Digital Downloads on BackerKit. It will go on sale separately on Halloween.

Two Delta Green Bundles of Holding

Tell your friends, this is the time to turn their curiosity about Delta Green into action. Until 28 OCT 2019, Delta Green is featured in two Bundles of Holding. The Delta Green Operations Bundle features dozens of Delta Green scenarios and other resources, starting at $7.95. The Delta Green RPG Bundle features the core rules, fiction, and more scenarios, starting at only $12.95. Spread the word and help us recruit more Agents.