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Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game
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Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.

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  • Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game (in two editions!).
  • The Fall of Delta Green from Pelgrane Press.
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  • Delta Green: Agent's Handbook in PDF, all the rules you need to play. Playtest draft available now. 
  • The Delta Green quickstart guide in PDF with pregenerated characters and the scenario "Last Things Last." Available now.
  • "Kali Ghati" in PDF, a scenario with pregenerated characters. Playtest draft available now.
  • "The Children of Atlach-Nacha" in PDF, a new threat to confront your agents. Available now.
  • "Down in the Delta" in PDF, a short story. Available now.
  • "Protocols: The Unripened Fruit" in PDF, a feature about the challenges of agents dealing with corpses. Available now.
  • "Making Horror Scenarios" in PDF, a guide to creating your own terrors. Available now.
  • In the Court of the Yellow King in PDF, a short play. Available now.
  • "I Have Seen the Yellow Sign" in PDF, a feature about the threat posed by the King in Yellow. Available now.
  • "The Last Show" in PDF, a short story. Available now.
  • "Redacted: Fusion Centers" in PDF.
  • "Redacted" The Collectors" in PDF.
  • "Redacted: Big Data" in PDF.
  • "Redacted: Beltway Bandits" in PDF.
  • Delta Green: Control Group in PDF, a campaign of five scenarios with pregenerated characters, at least 256 pages long.
  • "Lover in the Ice," Caleb Stokes' horrifying scenario customized for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Available now.

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  • The Agent’s Handbook has the core rules to play Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, suitable for all players. 
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  • There’s also a double-size GM edition, the Case Officer’s Handbook. You can upgrade to that if you want, replacing the Agent’s Handbook with the Case Officer’s Handbook. Or you can get a copy of the Case Officer’s Handbook to go with your Agent’s Handbook, so your players can use the Agent’s Handbook while you run the game. 
  • You can get the Case Officer's Handbook in hardback, which comes with the PDF as our gift, or just in PDF.
  • You can get past Delta Green books as PDF and ebook downloads.
  • You can get new Delta Green books, scenarios and articlesthat we’ve unlocked in this project.
  • You can add a copy of The Fall of Delta Green in PDF or hardback to some other reward.

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The Agent's Handbook and the Case Officer's Handbook

Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game will be available in two ways, the Agent's Handbook and the double-sized Case Officer's Handbook.

The AGENT’S HANDBOOK is a full-color book with all the rules and tools you need to play: fast character creation, the core game mechanics, detailed rules for combat and sanity, equipment, details on agents’ careers and Bonds (their most crucial personal relationships), and useful profiles of the government agencies most often involved in Delta Green games.

The CASE OFFICER'S HANDBOOK includes everything in the Agent’s Handbook plus chapters on creating scenarios; running campaigns and customizing the setting; creating and customizing Cthulhu Mythos tomes, monsters, spells, and alien artifacts; cults, factions, and threats; and more.

If you get the Case Officer's Handbook as a Kickstarter reward in PDF or hardback, we'll send you the PDF of the Agent's Handbook too. The Agent's Handbook will be published first. That way you won't miss out.

Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game is easily compatible with any past Delta Green publication.

Upgrading from Agent's Handbook to Case Officer's Handbook

Many Backer Reward Tiers include the Agent's Handbook either in PDF or as a hardback that comes with a free PDF. You can "upgrade" your Agent's Handbook to the Case Officer's Handbook if you wish. See the FAQ for instructions.

Rewards Funded By This Project

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FUNDED! THE AGENT'S HANDBOOK: Everything you need to play Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Available in full-color hardback and PDF. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! "VISCID": A new Delta Green scenario by Dennis Detwiller, wherein the agents find that even magic has a half-life. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! "OBSERVER EFFECT": A new Delta Green scenario by Shane Ivey. Most physicists think a new lab's experiment to study the nature of reality won't reveal a thing. Your Delta Green agents are about to learn otherwise. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! OPERATIONAL HISTORY: A new 128-page timeline of the world of Delta Green -- much more than we can fit in the Case Officer's Handbook -- written by Gil Trevizo with Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, and Shane Ivey. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! THE CASE OFFICER'S HANDBOOK: This expanded book will have everything from the Agent's Handbook plus a Game Moderator's view of the setting and ton of new material for running Delta Green campaigns, customizing the setting and the threats, and keeping your players surprised and scared. You can upgrade your Agent's Handbook to the Case Officer's Handbook if you wish. See the FAQ for instructions. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! "DOWN IN THE DELTA": Adam Scott Glancy's story of Delta Green confronting horrors in New Orleans, told as emails to A-Cell from an unhappy agent. 

FUNDED! "ARCHINT": A new collection of new artifacts and spells created using the guidelines in the Case Officer's Handbook. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! "THE CHILDREN OF ATLACH-NACHA": a horrifying new threat for Delta Green. 

FUNDED! "PROTOCOLS: THE UNRIPENED FRUIT": A report on ways Delta Green agents must deal with unwanted corpses. 

FUNDED! HANDLER'S SCREEN WITH QUICKSTART RULES AND STARTER SCENARIO: A GM screen for your table, short "quickstart" rules to teach new players fast, sample characters, and a short starter scenario to begin play immediately. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! "MAKING HORROR SCENARIOS": Suggestions and examples for creating horror for your players in Delta Green. 

FUNDED! "ICONOCLASTS": A new scenario by Adam Scott Glancy, wherein Delta Green learns of the repercussions of ISIS zealots destroying artifacts that were better left alone. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! "THE STAR CHAMBER": A new scenario by Greg Stolze, wherein Delta Green agents must untangle conflicting narratives from a mission that went very wrong. Greg calls it "Delta Green meets Rashomon." PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! "IN THE COURT OF THE YELLOW KING": A short play by John Scott Tynes. 

FUNDED! "KALI GHATI": A scenario by Shane Ivey set in the drawdown of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. We used it to playtest combat rules earlier in development of the game. This expanded version is a more complete scenario. 

FUNDED! "I HAVE SEEN THE YELLOW SIGN": A look the challenges of containing the King in Yellow "infection" in the Information Age. 

FUNDED! IMPOSSIBLE LANDSCAPES: A sourcebook and full-length campaign where Delta Green agents face the influence of the King in Yellow, written by Dennis Detwiller with Daniel Harms, Robin Laws, and John Scott Tynes. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! "THE LAST SHOW": A short story about the King in Yellow, written by Dennis Detwiller. 

FUNDED! "REDACTED: FUSION CENTERS": Detailed player-facing write-ups of organizations that are only summarized in the core rules: the ATF, the Secret Service, ICE, Customs and Border Protection, the Coast Guard, and FEMA.

FUNDED! "WORMWOOD ARENA": A new scenario by Greg Stolze in which Delta Green agents must go undercover to learn the true goals of a cult with ties to the unnatural. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! CONTROL GROUP: An introductory campaign by Greg Stolze, written to teach new players the rules and to create a team of Agents out of those who survive along the way. All backers get the PDF FREE. 

FUNDED! “REDACTED: THE COLLECTORS": Detailed player-facing write-ups of organizations that were only summarized in the core rules: DIA, NSA/CSS, NRO, ONI, NGA, NCTC. 

FUNDED! "REDACTED: BIG DATA": Detailed player-facing write-ups of organizations that were only mentioned or summarized in the core rules: DARPA, Nuclear Security Administration (NEST), NASA (Dryden AFRC). 

FUNDED! "REDACTED: BELTWAY BANDITS": Detailed player-facing write-ups of organizations that were only mentioned or summarized in the Agent’s Handbook: Constellis Group, CACI, RAND, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin. 

FUNDED! DEEP STATE IN PDF AND FULL-COLOR HARDBACK: A sourcebook detailing the diaspora of secret MAJESTIC-12 programs. Built around an alien threat that seemed to vanish, these projects failed, changed, evolved and in some cases grew throughout the Global War on Terror and as a consequence of conflicts with Delta Green. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

FUNDED! PISCES IN PDF AND FULL-COLOR HARDBACK: A sourcebook detailing the British paranormal investigation program, sometimes ally to Delta Green and sometimes bitter rival, as well as Delta Green's programs overseas and the challenges agents face on foreign soil. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

Final Goal—Make It Happen!

AT $340K, FALLING TOWERS IN PDF AND FULL-COLOR HARDBACK: A campaign of Delta Green agents taking on the infamous cult known as the Fate in the 2000s and a sourcebook for New York City campaigns in the modern day. ADD-ON COST: $50 for hardback plus free PDF; $20 for just the PDF. PDF included in tiers that get "All New PDFs Funded by This Project."

What Is Delta Green?

Deception is a right. Truth is a privilege. Innocence is a luxury. Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green spent four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. Stripped of sanction after a disastrous 1969 operation in Cambodia, Delta Green’s leaders made a secret pact: to continue their work without authority, without support, and without fear. Delta Green agents slip through the system, manipulating the federal bureaucracy while pushing the darkness back for another day — but often at a shattering personal cost.

Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game is a tabletop role-playing game of conspiracy, suspense, and Lovecraftian terror. Players' characters are agents of Delta Green: federal agents and special forces operators; academics who’ve seen too much and physicians who study the aftermath of horror; scientists and other specialists; and sometimes just bystanders who get caught up in events beyond anyone’s control. Their first priority is to quarantine and stop unnatural horrors, because the unnatural is real and it kills.

Delta Green was directly inspired by the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and other Cthulhu Mythos authors. Just as Lovecraft’s stories were about the intersection of cosmic terror and cutting-edge technology in the 1920s and 1930s, Delta Green is about that intersection today.

In every game of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, agents investigate horrifying events, seek ways to thwart them, and try to save anyone else from being exposed. They face lethal threats and awful discoveries. To keep a low profile, they rarely have the knowledge or resources they want. They often must make terrible choices for the greater good, as best they can perceive it. The longer an agent is active, the greater the toll those stresses take on the agent’s health, sanity, career, and family.

Delta Green’s creators Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, and John Scott Tynes began working with longtime colleagues Shane Ivey (The Unspeakable Oath, Wild Talents) and Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies, Godlike) on the core rules of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game in 2011.

We’ve spent the last few years developing Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, iteration after ruthless iteration. Whole chapters and approaches to the rules have come and gone. Extensive playtesting helped us hone it to deliver game-play that's fast, suspenseful, thrilling, and chilling.

The Fall of Delta Green

We’re helping our friends at Pelgrane Press produce a companion game, The Fall of Delta Green. You can order it as part of your pledge in this Kickstarter project and get it before anyone else. Written by Kenneth Hite (Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents), The Fall of Delta Green uses a version of the Gumshoe RPG system customized for Delta Green, combined with features of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. The Fall of Delta Green will be a standalone RPG of its own set in the 1960s, the last days of Delta Green’s first incarnation — the years that led to the group being officially dismantled, only to go underground to keep up the fight. It will include detailed guidelines to easily convert to and from Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game.

Backers can get The Fall of Delta Green either in hardback with a free PDF or just in PDF. Either way, it's available as an Add-On Reward (see below). Add the appropriate amount to your pledge. After the project ends, we'll send a survey to confirm what you want. 

HARDBACK WITH FREE PDF: Add $50 to your pledge. (See the FAQ about shipping and handling.) 

JUST THE PDF: Add $25 to your pledge.

IMPORTANT! The following Reward Tiers (and only these reward tiers) now come with the PDF of The Fall of Delta Green at no additional cost:

  • "Every Single PDF" 
  • "Every Single New PDF" 
  • "Operator With Every PDF" 
  • "Agent's Hardback and Every PDF" 
  • "The New Age"
  • "The Old Ways"
  • "Alphonse Lives!"

How Does This Project Work?

Choose one of the Backer Levels on the right side of the page. You can change your pledge and your Backer Level at any time before this project ends. As we reach new Stretch Goals, you can reserve additional books (see "Add-On Rewards," below) by increasing the amount of money you pledge. After the Kickstarter ends, we'll contact you with instructions to specify which books and downloads you want.

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Add-On Rewards—Funded by This Project

These books and downloads are available as additions to your pledge. 


Add-On Rewards—Previously Published

These downloads are available as additions to your pledge. To reserve one just add the listed amount to your pledge. When the project ends we'll send instructions for choosing which ones you want. 

How Will the Funds Be Used?

We'll use this project to fund creation of the game and its sourcebooks and delivery to backers.

Developers and Key Personnel

DENNIS DETWILLER—WRITER, EDITOR, ILLUSTRATOR: One of the co-creators of Delta Green and co-owner of Arc Dream Publishing, Dennis also created or co-created the tabletop roleplaying games Godlike, Wild Talents, Nemesis, and Insylum. Currently design director at Harebrained Schemes (Necropolis), he was previously VP of Creative at Warner Bros. International Enterprises and produced bestselling mobile and console games for Nickelodeon, Hothead Games, and Radical Entertainment (Prototype). He's still asked to autograph cards he painted in the early years of Magic: The Gathering.

ADAM SCOTT GLANCY—WRITER: One of the co-creators of Delta Green, Scott is president of Pagan Publishing, where the first Delta Green books were produced. He oversees its line of Call of Cthulhu sourcebooks to this day: most recently Mysteries of Mesoamerica, Bumps in the Night, and the forthcoming Horrors of War.

JOHN SCOTT TYNES—ADVISOR: One of the co-creators of Delta Green, John founded Pagan Publishing and the seminal Cthulhu Mythos gaming magazine The Unspeakable Oath. He led the production of the first few Delta Green game and fiction books: Delta Green, Countdown, Alien Intelligence, The Rules of Engagement (collected in Strange Authorities), and Dark Theatres. He co-created Atlas Games' Unknown Armies, which is soon getting a long-awaited new edition of its own. For years he designed PC and console video games. These days he manages the Imagine Cup for Microsoft.

SHANE IVEY—WRITER, EDITOR: Co-owner of Arc Dream Publishing and a former newspaper copy editor and magazine editor, Shane has managed and edited the last few Delta Green game and fiction projects: Eyes Only, Targets of Opportunity, Through a Glass, Darkly, Strange Authorities, Tales from Failed Anatomies, and Extraordinary Renditions. He's editor-in-chief of The Unspeakable Oath and has spearheaded game lines including Godlike, Wild Talents, Monsters and Other Childish Things, and Better Angels.

GREG STOLZE—WRITER: A contributor to past Delta Green books (Alien Intelligence, Targets of Opportunity, Extraordinary Renditions), Greg is also co-creator of Unknown Armies with John Scott Tynes, Godlike with Dennis Detwiller, Wild Talents with Detwiller, Shane Ivey, and Kenneth Hite, Nemesis with Detwiller, Ivey, and Adam Crossingham, and author of Reign, Better Angels, the Wild Talents setting books Progenitor, eCollapse, and (with Kenneth Hite) Grim War, and the almost-but-not-quite Delta Green novel Mask of the Other.

KENNETH HITE—WRITER, EDITOR: A contributor to past Delta Green books (Targets of Opportunity, Extraordinary Renditions) and the author of the upcoming Gumshoe game The Fall of Delta Green, Ken is the creator or co-creator of Trail of Cthulhu, Night's Black Agents, The Dracula Dossier, Ken Writes About Stuff, Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, and many other award-winning works.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Program Needs You
5 days ago – Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 01:28:56 AM

Excerpted from Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game:

The Security Studies Group. Yellow Combine. Petrel Hill. Threshold Curve. Silver See. The official name has changed eighteen times since 2002. Every time it changes, the paper trail leading to its true activities becomes more muddled. With each change, a new, Top Secret special-access program grants continuing clearance to activities and intelligence that no American employee can confess or confirm. 

Insiders call it “the Program.” Its headquarters—and its carefully compartmentalized laboratories, hangars, and personnel scattered throughout the government and private sector—allow it the pretense of legitimacy. But the Program’s leaders long ago determined that its work is too important to be restricted by the Constitution. The Program, for all its access and influence, is as criminal an enterprise as all the conspiracies and blacker-than-black military projects that came before it.

The Program’s people are warned never to let outsiders hear its true name: Delta Green.

Officially, the Program (whatever its current name) is dedicated to the acquisition and study of foreign technology. The documents that authorize it say nothing about the unnatural, or about the explicit criminality at the Program’s heart. The Program’s true purpose is stated goes back to Delta Green’s founding in 1942:

  • To gather intelligence on unnatural phenomena. 
  • To protect the citizens of the United States from threats originating with unnatural phenomena. 
  • To maintain the security of the United States against unnatural threats.

Only the means and methods have changed. At least, that’s what the Program’s leaders tell themselves. Some agents might hold lingering doubts about how their superiors are executing that mission. They may especially wonder about one essential, never-answered question: “In the long run, are we only making the problem worse?”

Gen Con Handlers and LARP Assistants

Gen Con is the biggest con of the year for us, and we love organizing lots of games. The deadline for submitting events is this Sunday. We need:

  • GMs to run Delta Green. (Or any of our games, for that matter!) Run any scenario you like, as long as it fits the 4-hour convention game slot. Or if you want to run something longer, go for it. If you need inspiration, review all the resources we've created for GMs.
  • Assistants and NPCs for the Delta Green LARP. Our old colleague Aaron Vanek is running this event, which will take players outside Gen Con facilities to confront unnatural terrors and deadly betrayal. The LARP will run three times: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 6pm to midnight. The more helpers we get, the more fun it will be.

Whether you run tabletop games or help with the LARP, you'll get Delta Green souvenirs (lapel pin, patch, T-shirt, challenge coin, even a raid jacket) and "store credit" at the Arc Dream booth. You get a free Gen Con badge if you run enough games.

To volunteer, contact Simeon at Arc Dream ASAP:

Be seeing you.


Recovery and Acquisitions
20 days ago – Wed, Mar 08, 2017 at 10:52:07 PM

Greetings. We are hard at work, but I'm taking a quick break to talk a little about Gen Con—and to offer a glimpse at one facet of "the Program," the reactivated Delta Green organization...

Asset Recovery 

Artifacts, alien technology, and unnatural books and biological specimens are stored at secure locations controlled by the Program, scattered throughout the federal hinterlands of the United States and in the labs of the Program’s private-sector partners. These deniable facilities are self-contained, and for the most part, personnel have little or no idea why their base is even there. Only a small team at the center of such a facility is briefed well enough to understand what they hold. To Agents, these facilities remain unknown until that knowledge is necessary for their operations. 

For the recovery and transportation of such assets, the Office of Security deploys researchers and guards in Air Force helicopters and rescue planes. Whenever possible, the recovery team meets agents at an airfield near the agents’ area of operation. The researchers carefully take possession of whatever the Agents have recovered. Collected evidence is sealed inside secure containers so that the flight team never know what they are transporting, even if the cargo is a live specimen. The researchers and Agents are under strict instructions to share no information with each other beyond what’s necessary for safety.

This program presently goes by the name Operation CORAL NOMAD. Its units are housed in commands such as 25th Air Force and the 347th Rescue Group. They operate out of Beale Air Force Base, California; Fort Belvoir, Virginia; Fort George G. Meade, Maryland; Lackland Air Force Base, Texas; Langley Field, Virginia; Moody Air Force Base, Georgia; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio; and Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. 

If the Agents' operation takes place within 300 km of a CORAL NOMAD base, it typically deploys a Pave Hawk MH-60G helicopter with external fuel tanks and a flight range of about 800 km, filing a flight plan as a classified Air Force training exercise. Farther afield, it deploys an HC-130P Combat King transport plane with a flight range of more than 8,000 km. If those options are too high-profile, it deploys an ostensibly civilian charter jet owned by one of the Program’s private-sector allies, usually a subsidiary of March Technologies, Inc. It’s up to the Agents to get the assets to the nearest airfield. 

Every CORAL NOMAD flight includes a squad of heavily armed Air Force pararescue shooters, with deep training and combat experience, and one or two researchers. 

CORAL NOMAD does not provide transportation to Agents into or out of the field unless the Director of Security tells the crew explicitly to take an Agent aboard. That happens only if there are no other options—for example, if one of the Agents has become such a security risk that ordinary transportation is too dangerous, or a severely injured Agent must be taken to a Program-secured wing of a military hospital for treatment. 

Operation CORAL NOMAD has deep roots, with a continuous operational history of nearly 70 years across dozens of different Air Force units. It went by the name Project BLUE FLY for nearly fifty years in the MAJESTIC days, under the cover of aerospace rescue and recovery. Some of its senior personnel have personal experience fighting hostile extraterrestrials. Its legendary commander in the Nineties, Col. Robert Coffey, died saving his men from a catastrophic alien incursion. Its officers helped dismantle MAJESTIC’s corrupt leadership, years ago. Its overall commander at that time, USAF Lt. General Eustis Bell, became one of the directors of the Program. Most of CORAL NOMAD’s senior officers remember both Coffey and Bell with honor. They tend to dislike taking instructions from Security Director Oakes, who clearly is former Army, but they respect the Director enough to keep that opinion in-house. Mostly.

—Excerpted from Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game.

More Handlers Needed for Gen Con

Shane Ivey here from Arc Dream. Like I said in the last update, I've been so focused on the new book that my usual Gen Con prep lagged. We are still trying to get a good roster of games going to help DG fans have fun and introduce the game to newcomers. We need your help. 

To sweeten the pot, I have updated the rewards for running games at Gen Con. Generous booth credit, as always... and a free badge if you run enough games... AND special Delta Green swag. Patches, pins, shirts, challenge coin, even a raid jacket!

Get the details and sign up:

Of course, we don't only want people at Gen Con. If you're running Delta Green games at another convention, email the details to our con guy Simeon ( We'll see if we can hook you up with some of these rewards, too.

Operational security requires that you burn this jacket upon delivery.
Operational security requires that you burn this jacket upon delivery.

New Mythos Horror

A couple of old friends of mine are spearheading a new Cthulhu Mythos anthology of horror stories with a Southwestern theme: Chicken Fried Cthulhu. The editors, Mark Finn and Rick Klaw, and I go waaaay back. They are good, and they have a great batch of writers lined up for new stories and a few classics. I encourage you to pitch in for the ebook or paperback. 

Elder Dice

Here's another project by a couple of buddies of mine: sets of gorgeous Lovecraft-themed dice just made for Delta Green games. The dice pretty much sell themselves, but I can say I've seen them in person and they are that nice. Check it out.


Shane Ivey
Arc Dream Publishing


Handlers needed for Gen Con!
about 1 month ago – Sat, Feb 25, 2017 at 10:33:59 PM

Attention, handlers! We need dedicated gamers to run Delta Green games at Gen Con 2017. Every game you run earns you free stuff at the Arc Dream booth, including extras like DG T-shirts, pins, and now "raid jackets" that we usually only offer in occasional low-profile sales. Every player gets booth credit, too.

See details and instructions here:


Shane Ivey
Arc Dream Publishing


You'll be happy to know Dr. Edwards survived last year's Operation FULMINATE. Barely.
You'll be happy to know Dr. Edwards survived last year's Operation FULMINATE. Barely.


Status: The Fall of Delta Green
2 months ago – Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 10:28:04 PM

Dear backers,

Just a quick note about The Fall of Delta Green, Kenneth Hite's Gumshoe game about Delta Green in the Sixties. We've checked with Pelgrane Press, and here's its status:

  • The manuscript stands at 75,000 words. 
  • It’s due for a first round of external playtesting in February. (Pelgrane wil be organizing that, so please don't ask me how to sign up. You can find their forums and social media and so forth online.)
  • It’s on target for delivery in summer 2017.

Thank you again for supporting Delta Green.

Shane Ivey
Arc Dream Publishing

© Dennis Detwiller
© Dennis Detwiller



Inside the "Case Officer's Handbook"
3 months ago – Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 09:16:45 PM

Do your Kickstarter rewards include a PDF copy of the Case Officer's Handbook, aka the extended core rulebook of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game? If they do, you can find a 61-PAGE preview of the manuscript-in-progress in your Digital Downloads at BackerKit!

Here's an explanatory note from Dennis Detwiller: 

"Hey guys. Much progress has been made. Here are 61 pages of near-final writing for Delta Green The Role-Playing Game corebook, coming as soon as (in)humanly possible. The current manuscript tops 400 pages, so there's a lot of editing, cleaning and re-writing to go, but we're aiming to finalize the text by February (it will then be available in raw text form to Kickstarter backers). After that, it becomes a whole new problem of laying the sucker out—luckily, most of the art is done. We follow the Orson Welles quote: We shall serve no wine before its time...

"There's so much that has to go in here. So many thoughts and ideas from over the years, and yet, it needs to be parsible to the first-time Handler. That's a big challenge. Anyway, enjoy!"

If you're not sure whether your rewards include that PDF, just follow your personal BackerKit link for this project. You can find lists of what rewards you're due and what digital downloads are available.

If you don't know your personal BackerKit link for this project, click here.

If you weren't a Kickstarter backer, pre-order the Case Officer's Handbook here.

Blessed Be the Torch

Welcome to Delta Green, a role-playing game of horror, wonder, and conspiracy. By opening this book, you have chosen to become the Handler. It’s the Handler’s job to keep the players— who take the role of Delta Green Agents—engaged. You are the creator, host, and judge of all things that occur in the fictional world of Delta Green. You fill it with secrets, take the role of non player characters (NPCs) the Agents interact with, and create the threats they face. You roll the dice and make the calls. In Delta Green, only the Handler understands the absolute truth.

Delta Green is about truths that kill. The ultimate truth is this: mankind was not the first, nor will it be the last of the Earth’s masters. In remote places, through rends in space/time, and beyond the veil of our limited, four-dimensional existence, things await release. When they are free, humanity will burn. An isolated few in the know—Delta Green—struggle to resist this final conflagration.

Being a Handler requires preparation, imagination, and an unwavering vision of where the game is headed. In Delta Green, it also requires an indifference to outcome. It might seem like a good idea to alter a die roll to save an Agent, or drop a vital clue when the team is on the wrong path. Resist these urges. Delta Green is not about victory, it’s about the fight.

Delta Green is about man’s urge to survive, understand, and overcome, in a universe wholly antithetical to these concepts. Agents of Delta Green struggle to defeat threats that outstrip even the human mind, as the world rushes towards inevitable destruction. Agents live their lives —what of them they can maintain—and keep the ultimate secret from their loved ones. No matter what they do, they know, eventually, the apocalypse is coming.

Congratulations, Handler; you’ve just been promoted to the apocalypse.

"Agent Alphonse," by Dennis Detwiller, © 2016
"Agent Alphonse," by Dennis Detwiller, © 2016