Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game

Created by Arc Dream Publishing

Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.

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A new "Meridian" rises in your downloads and the secret depths of Delta Green slowly cohere
about 2 months ago – Tue, Apr 02, 2024 at 10:36:40 AM

If you backed Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game at Kickstarter in 2015, check your Digital Downloads in BackerKit. A new scenario lurks there, given without compliments and regrets in equal parts. Delta Green: Meridian sees unwitting federal agents pushed into a case that looks likely to do nothing for their already struggling careers. They may not live long enough to learn why. Delta Green has to find new recruits somewhere. If you were not in that select cadre of 2015, you can buy Meridian at DriveThruRPG in PDF or paperback. Meridian is also available in paperback from the Arc Dream online store

The last few straggling rewards from this Kickstarter creep forward, blind eyes seeking and desperate. Operational History. PISCES. Falling Towers. Deep State. An all-too-expansive report can be found at Find it before it, like all things, inevitably burns.

GOD'S TEETH stalks pre-orderers in hardback
4 months ago – Fri, Jan 26, 2024 at 01:47:39 PM

Caleb Stokes's joyously uplifting campaign God's Teeth starts shipping next week in hardback. If you pre-ordered it (as opposed to requesting it as a reward in the Labyrinth KS), please confirm your delivery address at BackerKit. If your address is not correct, please email your old address and your new address to [email protected]. Be sure to include the email address you used with the pre-order at BackerKit. 

Your joy may vary.

The PDF release of God's Teeth has already gotten some very satisfying reviews on DriveThruRPG:

  • "Best rpg adventure in the 21st century"
  • "Truly fantastic"
  • "Fantastic weaving of fate, the esoteric, and real world horror"
  • "Absolute masterpiece"
  • "Breaks the mold of what is expected in a cosmic horror lovecraftian tome"
  • "The most bleak thing I've ever read"
  • "In terms of the unnatural, it's not massively in your face evil"

We'll try harder next time.

The last lingering rewards for this project are dredging themselves together. Adam Scott Glancy is working on PISCES. Dennis Detwiller is working Deep State and Operational History. Shane Ivey (me) is working on Falling Towers. We hope to see all of them dead and buried soon.

Presence: An Invasive Horror for Backers
12 months ago – Tue, May 30, 2023 at 11:29:54 AM

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'Iconoclasts' arrives in hardback — Digital Assets — Chinese translation — Executive Committee meeting — 'Landscapes' recordings — New Lights
over 1 year ago – Thu, Sep 29, 2022 at 08:49:42 AM

Adam Scott Glancy imagined Iconoclasts as a standalone scenario, maybe 32 pages, a $5 PDF release in between publication of larger works. It featured the appalling horrors of ISIL in Mosul. How could we stand to do more?

The hardback edition of Iconoclasts, now a 204-page campaign, reaches our warehouse this week. That original scenario is only the first chapter in Delta Green's pursuit of an unnatural terror set loose in Iraq. Agents must navigate a maze of intrigue and strange research to prepare for a hopelessly dangerous mission into occupied Mosul.

If your Kickstarter rewards included the $5 PDF edition of Iconoclasts, you already have the much-expanded PDF edition, plus digital handouts, at no additional cost. 

Well, that's not true. With Delta Green, there is always a cost. But not in money. Not this time.

The hardback edition of Iconoclasts was not a Kickstarter reward. It was available for pre-order on its own. 

  • If you pre-ordered it for delivery to the U.S., watch for it in the next week or two. 
  • If you pre-ordered it for delivery outside the U.S., watch for it in October–November. 
  • If you have moved since pre-ordering the Iconoclasts hardback, please email your new address to [email protected] IMMEDIATELY. 
  • If you have been consumed by an unseen swirling consciousness that reaches in and out of our familiar dimensions of matter and space, we hope that your ascended masters have some means to absorb the meaning of a hardback game book and offer it to you as a way to pass eternity.
The cover of Iconoclasts: An ISIL fighter holds up an Elder Sign accusingly to an old man under threat

Digital Assets

Create in-world documents for your campaign with Delta Green Digital Assets.  Classified Pack 1 and the free Private Sector Pack 1 are available now. 

The Agent's Handbook in Chinese

Diligent Delta Green fans have produced a translation of the Agent's Handbook in Simplified Chinese. Please share it.

Executive Committee Meeting, 2022

The Delta Green team met online during Gen Con 2022 to answer questions about running and writing Delta Green and to resolutely avoid discussing delivery dates.

Selected Infections

Here are only a few recent playthroughs and playlists holding the ENnie Award-winning Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes in wary regard:

New Lights Rising

We are slowly disgorging wonders that linger from this great work.

  • Adam Scott Glancy is working on PISCES alongside other writing
  • Dennis Detwiller and Caleb Stokes are working on Operational History alongside art and other writing
  • Shane Ivey and Christopher Gunning are working on Deep State alongside other editing and writing

If we find old techniques that make these expulsions more productive, we shall happily report it.

Old discussions of the ailment called rising of the lights
British Medical Journal, "Correspondence," Dec. 4, 1926

Iconoclasts Is Coming - ENnies Voting - A Backers Bonus Scenario
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 05:40:28 PM

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