Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game

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Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.

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A triptych of previews
almost 3 years ago – Sat, Dec 01, 2018 at 11:33:16 PM

Here's Arc Dream Publishing's estimated schedule for the first half of 2019. No dates are final until it’s out of our brains and in your hands.

  • January 2019 The King in Yellow (Annotated) in PDF 
  • January 2019 The Unspeakable Oath on Patreon and Drip 
  • February 2019 Delta Green: Control Group in PDF 
  • February 2019 Wrestlenomicon on Kickstarter 
  • March 2019 Delta Green: The Complex in PDF and paperback 
  • March 2019 Delta Green: A Victim of the Art in PDF 
  • March 2019 Delta Green: The Labyrinth in PDF 
  • March 2019 Swords & Sorceries: The Sea Demon’s Gold in PDF and paperback 
  • April 2019 Delta Green: Iconoclasts in PDF and paperback 
  •  April 2019 Elder Things in PDF and paperback 
  • April 2019 Swords & Sorceries: The Song of the Sun Queens in PDF and paperback 
  • May 2019 The King in Yellow (Annotated) in hardback 
  • May 2019 Delta Green: Jack Frost in PDF and paperback 
  • May 2019 Swords & Sorceries: The Tomb of Fire in PDF and paperback 
  • May 2019 The King in Yellow Tarot on Kickstarter 
  • June 2019 Delta Green: Control Group in hardback 
  • June 2019 Swords & Sorceries: The God-King’s Curse in PDF and paperback 
  • June 2019 Delta Green: Schemata in PDF and paperback

Impossible Landscapes: Ancillary Casualties

The horrors of the King in Yellow spread. They stretch and change and move. They make the ordered world into a dream-jumbled mess of terror. Usually, when that terror reaches the limit of the mind it occupies, it settles and pools, consuming that person and location in darkness. Sometimes, that location skirts the edges of Carcosa for some time before being eaten by it. Here are two such examples of haunted locations in the upcoming campaign book Impossible Landscapes. Order at BackerKit.

A glimpse of Impossible Landscapes
A glimpse of Impossible Landscapes

The Labyrinth: The Center for the Missing Child

John Scott Tynes brings us a new conduit for horror with the Center for the Missing Child, a Delta Green friendly organization to use in your games. Coming soon in Delta Green: The Labyrinth. Order at Pledge Manager.

Secrets of the Center for the Missing Child
Secrets of the Center for the Missing Child

The King in Yellow: The Repairer of Reputations

The deluxe edition of The King in Yellow features paintings by Samuel Araya, an introduction by John Scott Tynes, and annotations by Kenneth Hite. Here's a sample. Order at

Coming soon
Coming soon

What Are We Up To?
almost 3 years ago – Wed, Oct 31, 2018 at 02:00:19 AM

How is the DG team keeping busy these days?

Dennis Detwiller is wrapping up art for Control Group and Wormwood Arena. Look for them in the spring. Dennis is also about 3/4 done with Impossible Landscapes. It keeps trying to expand and may wind up being a larger book than planned, but we’re trying to hone it down to sharp perfection. He'll move next to Those Who Came After, funded with The Labyrinth.

Shane Ivey is editing The Complex. We’re also adding a couple of agencies that come up often in play. He'll take A Victim of the Art to editing and layout after The Complex.

Adam Scott Glancy is 90% done with the first draft of Iconoclasts. That scenario has grown substantially in the writing. It is likely to be an 80-page mini-campaign rather than a one-shot scenario.

Christopher Gunning is halfway through what you could call Draft 0.5 of his parts of Deep State — the draft before it goes through the rigors of commentary by the rest of the DG team and gets turned into the official first draft.

Caleb Stokes is in the early stages on God’s Teeth, which was funded with The Labyrinth.

Giles Hill and the PISCES team are toiling away in secrecy on the far side of the Pond.

John Scott Tynes is over halfway done with the first draft of The Labyrinth.

Various other funded works — ARCHINT, Falling Towers, Future/Perfect 3 and 4, Jack Frost, Operational History, the scenarios and handout kits from the Labyrinth KS — are in various stages of scheming and research.

Elsewhere in Arc Dream:

Simeon Cogwell is starting layout on the annotated, illustrated edition of Chambers’ The King In Yellow, which features illustrations by Samuel Araya, annotations by Kenneth Hite, and an introduction by John Scott Tynes.

Dennis will have the King in Yellow tarot ready for KS as soon as we get updated physical samples from the manufacturer so we can finalize its budget.

Arc Dream and Rob Heinsoo’s company Fire Opal Games are nailing down final (I said final—FINAL this time!) preparations for the card game Wrestlenomicon.

For a change of pace, Shane is playtesting a series of D&D scenarios in the episodic, sword-and-sorcery mold. Of course, now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out, it has claimed Shane’s life. Maybe that will jumpstart the Wild West (including the bad parts) RPG that he’s been working on for ages and may finish with help from Jess Nevins and maybe one or two other friends.

What have you been up to?

Secrets to share
about 3 years ago – Thu, Sep 06, 2018 at 10:24:27 PM

Dennis Detwiller has prepared six Delta Green desktop images for your enjoyment. Download them now. 

The impossible landscapes of Carcosa will soon be yours.
The impossible landscapes of Carcosa will soon be yours.

The enjoyment, at least, is optional.

Delta Green's Ennie Awards

Thanks to the support of amazing gamers around the world, Delta Green was honored with six Ennie Awards at Gen Con 2018. This marks ten Ennie Awards won by Delta Green over the years and three Origins Awards. 

Best rules, production values, game, adventure, Product of the Year...
Best rules, production values, game, adventure, Product of the Year...

See the full list here.

Delta Green's Gen Con Q&A

Join Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Kenneth Hite, Shane Ivey, and Greg Stolze for a fun discussion of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game and Q&A with the audience. Listen now.

And if you missed it, here's the Delta Green team discussing The Labyrinth and answering gamers' questions.

In Stores

Thanks to you, we have sent six Delta Green books to stores in the last six months. Tell your local game store to order the Delta Green line now.

In the Works

You can review our projects from this KS here. The Complex (formerly various "Redacted" titles), Control Group, A Victim of the Art, and Wormwood Arena are all closest to publication, with the rest in various stages of research and development: Shane Ivey and Chris Gunning are working on Deep State (and Shane will turn his attention to Falling Towers, with Daniel Harms, after that), Dennis Detwiller is working on Impossible Landscapes (and has Those Who Come After lined up next), Adam Scott Glancy is working on Iconoclasts, John Scott Tynes is working on The Labyrinth, Caleb Stokes is working on God's Teeth, and so on. You won't run out of new Delta Green material any time soon.

Be seeing you.

Last hours of The Labyrinth—3 new books and a 4th likely
about 3 years ago – Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 05:09:20 PM

We are in the final three hours of the campaign for John Scott Tynes' new sourcebook Delta Green: The Labyrinth. That campaign has been a smashing success, funding not just The Labyrinth but also Dennis Detwiller's sourcebook Those Who Come After, Caleb Stokes' infamous campaign God's Teeth, downloadable and paperback handout kits for all three books, and five Labyrinth-related scenarios. And we're a hair's-breadth from funding a sixth scenario, and Final Passages, a new hardback book collecting all six. 

We have so many other announcements. Our deluxe, annotated, illustrated edition of The King in Yellow has hit its sales target and is coming in the spring. Wrestlenomicon is imminent, and we'll be playing tons of it at Gen Con this week. The Unspeakable Oath is back at last with a new issue. 

Get all the news and back The Labyrinth while you still can.

Our hours are nearly ended.
Our hours are nearly ended.

Tynes' Narrative Sandboxes -- and ENnie Voting
about 3 years ago – Sun, Jul 22, 2018 at 12:09:58 AM

John Scott Tynes, co-creator of Delta Green and author of Delta Green: The Labyrinth, was good enough to write a short essay on what inspired his approach to investigative gaming and to The Labyrinth in particular. 

Read John's thoughts at the latest Labyrinth update.

The Labyrinth's campaign has unlocked a new hardback sourcebook by John Scott Tynes, another by Dennis Detwiller (coming after he finishes Impossible Landscapes), two kits of props and handouts, and two new scenarios. Back it now.

Voting Ends Tonight

It's almost over. ENnie Awards voting ends tonight. This is your last chance to use the awards to help spread the word about Delta Green. Every single vote counts. Vote “1” for Delta Green in seven (!) categories: