Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game

Created by Arc Dream Publishing

Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets the War on Terror. The award-winning RPG setting comes thundering back in a new Cthulhu Mythos game.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

PDF Editions and New Rewards Table: Big News for Day 3
over 5 years ago – Thu, Oct 01, 2015 at 10:21:07 PM

We are thrilled to announce a lot of new developments for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game.

Case Officer's Handbook PDF Coming at $100K

Right this minute we're at just over $93K. 

When we hit $95K, we unlock Operational History, a PDF book with a deep timeline of the world of Delta Green.

Then at $100K, we unlock the PDF edition of the Case Officer's HandbookThe Case Officer's Handbook is an expanded core book. It includes everything from the Agent’s Handbook as its first half, plus chapters on quickly building mysteries and horrifying adventures; running Delta Green campaigns; customizing the setting and the Delta Green organization itself; creating new supernatural effects, spells, psychic powers, and alien artifacts; creating new monsters and cults; and some of the key cults, rival organizations, and factions that the Game Moderator can draw into games. The GM chapters aren’t just spells and monsters that any player can read about and memorize; they’re tools for customizing your game to keep players guessing and keep them scared.

At $110K we'll unlock "ARCHINT," a new collection of new artifacts and spells created using the guidelines in the Case Officer's Handbook.

At $120K we'll unlock the full-color hardback printing of the Case Officer's Handbook

At $130K we'll unlock the Delta Green Game Moderator's Screen, which will come with short "quickstart" rules to teach new players fast, and a short starter scenario to begin play immediately.

And we have some great things planned beyond that.

The Fall of Delta Green in PDF

Thanks to Pelgrane Press, we can now offer The Fall of Delta Green as a PDF add-on!  In fact we're going to include it in the following reward tiers at no additional cost:

  • "Every Single PDF" 
  • "Every Single New PDF" 
  • "Operator With Every PDF" 
  • "Agent's Hardback and Every PDF" 
  • "Alphonse Lives!"

Everyone else can get a copy as an add-on reward. Just add $25 to your pledge. At the end of the project we'll ask what add-ons you want.

Updated Reward Tiers Chart

Here's an updated table breaking down all the reward options. Tell us if you spot any discrepancies.

Spread the Word

Remember, Delta Green needs new recruits to keep completing its mission. Spread the word! 

  • Tell your friends what you love about Delta Green and why you're backing Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. 
  • Run games using the rules that we've posted online. 
  • Tell people how those games went.

Thanks for Your Support

We're producing these new books because we love Delta Green. We want to create as much for it as we can. The projects that we've already funded are happening due to your support. Thank you.

Agents: A Call to Arms
over 5 years ago – Thu, Oct 01, 2015 at 12:40:51 PM

We're adjusting in real time as feedback comes in, so please have patience. We are super eager to help and make things great, but our final focus is on amazing books, and not some soaring money goal. 

AGENTS. We need your help. There are amazing books waiting to be had down the line. 

If we don't reach the totals, the books will go to the "what could have been" pile. We've put too many books there. Now is your chance. Invest in the future of Delta Green. 

Our next goal is only $7k away. 

Next up: 

AT $95K, OPERATIONAL HISTORY: A new 128-page timeline of the world of Delta Green -- much more than we can fit in the Case Officer's Handbook -- written by Gil Trevizo with Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, and Shane Ivey. 

AT $120K, CASE OFFICER'S HANDBOOK: This big, color hardback will have everything from the Agent's Handbook plus a Game Moderator's view of the setting and ton of new material for running Delta Green campaigns, customizing the setting and the threats, and keeping your players surprised and scared. 


New 95k Stretch Goal: Delta Green OPERATIONAL HISTORY 128 page timeline
over 5 years ago – Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 11:09:54 PM

AT $95K, OPERATIONAL HISTORY: A new 128-page timeline of the world of Delta Green -- much more than we can fit in the Case Officer's Handbook -- written by Gil Trevizo with Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, and Shane Ivey. ADD-ON COST: $15, PDF only.

Also, new Tiers including ALL PDFs past, and those produced by the Kickstarter (Pledge $180 or more SECRETS OF THE OLD ONES).

Let's get to 200% funding and beyond. Because past 120k, the fun really begins. 

Day Two: No Plan Survives First Contact With the Enemy
over 5 years ago – Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 06:49:56 PM

Hey guys, Dennis here.

Funded in 4 hours, 181% funded in a day. Amazing. When we came to Kickstarter, we weren't even certain the Agent's Handbook would fund, and here we are well on our way to the Case Officer's Book. Thank you.

So far, we've unlocked:

  • THE AGENT'S HANDBOOK: All you need to play the Delta Green RPG. (Rules preview available here). 
  • VISCID: A new Delta Green scenario by Dennis Detwiller, wherein the agents find that even magic has a half-life. ADD-ON COST: $5, PDF only.
  • OBSERVER EFFECT: A new Delta Green scenario by Shane Ivey. Most physicists think a new lab's experiment to study the nature of reality won't reveal a thing. Your Delta Green agents are about to learn otherwise. ADD-ON COST: $5, PDF only.

At $120k we unlock:

  • THE CASE OFFICER'S HANDBOOK: This big, color hardback will have everything from the Agent's Handbook plus a Game Moderator's view of the setting and ton of new material for running Delta Green campaigns, customizing the setting and the threats, and keeping your players surprised and scared. ADD-ON COST: $70 for the hardback plus PDF, or $30 for just the PDF. (You can change your AGENT'S HANDBOOK pledge to this for an additional $20; this is a separate book from the AGENT'S HANDBOOK and contains everything found in the AGENT'S HANDBOOK).

We're working on something very special to fit in at around the 95k mark, right now. More on that later. 

Still, we continue to make adjustments. No plan survives first contact with the enemy, and publishing and Kickstarter has a thousand pitfalls we at Arc Dream are very, very familiar with, and will not make. It's why when you pledge, you can be confident in getting your product. 

We get a lot of suggestions that open with "in this other Kickstarter I saw..."; and we're going to stop you right there — in the great scheme of things, our most important mission is to get you quality books. Many other companies chase a growing total to see how high it can go; we are not that company. Many, many (many, many) other Kickstarters end in financial disaster, either through malfeasance, or miscalculation. We've created A LOT of Kickstarters, and we worked hard to make sure we're not hanging ourselves promising something in the tiers that will come back and kill us in the end. 

I have heard many people ask for t-shirts and other things that are literally black holes of productivity (someone needs to source them, size them and ship them, and that someone is one of the book creators). We won't be creating a chain of crap side-items that destroy our productivity to make five more dollars per order.  

We've also gotten a lot of great ideas (and have changed our tiers to suit when possible). Keep submitting ideas (even if they might be misinformed ones, we'd rather hear them than not), but I would encourage you to do one thing in particular: 

Keep complaint spam off the Comments section.

If you have a complaint, question, or an idea, you can reach me at Please, drop me a line and let me know what you're thinking and try to keep negative comments to a minimum.

A couple of general notes:

  • You can adjust your pledge at any time (if any of that tier are available).
  • Every pledge is refundable at request with no explanation.
  • We're working on figuring something out to ease international shipping (though, if we pull THAT off we might as well start doing that for a living!)

And one last note as to what the Delta Green RPG Kickstarter is about. Many Kickstarters are about raking in as much money as possible through any means possible. The service has transformed from a pre-funding/early read on the public response to a product mechanism, to a lottery ticket.

This is not one of those Kickstarters. It will not be one of those Kickstarters. 

Our goals are:

  • Do not chase product at a loss. 
  • Create quality product.
  • Pay our people so their work is stellar. 
  • Get these products to you as fast as is possible.

All money pledged here moves the Delta Green RPG line forward. The higher the total, the faster these books will be made and released. So, if your plan involves waiting on the sidelines to buy the book at retail, I have some rough news: if it's not funded here, it's likely not coming out. 

So get in there, pledge what you can. Spread the word. Let's make this happen. Help us create the apocalypse.

Funded in Four: The End Has Begun
over 5 years ago – Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 11:14:41 PM

Players come to Delta Green for all kinds of reasons. They’re eager to solve a mystery, kill a villain or destroy a monster. These outcomes are never simple. Sometimes even seeing the threat in a Delta Green operation is enough to annihilate a group of agents. 

So consider this overview a warning.

Delta Green is about fear.

It may seem to be about other things from time to time. About manipulation. About power. About control. It has all these things, but that’s not what it’s about.

It lies.

Delta Green is about an agent, alone and off the record, breaking into an old woman’s house in Brooklyn because for a split-second she cast the shadow of a hunched, monstrous thing with jaws like a jackal.

Delta Green is about two women who pulled off the heist of the Mayan Codex from the American Museum of Natural History—an operation six months in the planning—only to burn it in a pyre of gasoline and wood in an abandoned field, mourning their lost teammates whom it drove to madness.

Delta Green is about watching from the Blackhawk jumpseat as something bigger than the forest snatches your strike team’s helicopters from the air like flies.

Delta Green is not about guns.

Delta Green is not about a bug hunt.

Delta Green is not about understanding.

Delta Green is about the end.

The end of everything. Your family, everyone you know, your country, all life on Earth. It’s about the end of everything and your place in it. Because you’ll end, too. That’s what the fear is about. That’s what the game is about.

Delta Green is about the end of everything—and how much of it you’ll live to see. 


The End Has Begun

Thanks to backers around the world, the Agent's Handbook for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game hit its funding goal today in less than four hours

And that also unlocks The Fall of Delta Green, the Gumshoe RPG about Delta Green in the 1960s, by Kenneth Hite and Pelgrane Press.

We've already funded our first stretch goal: "VISCID," a new scenario by Dennis Detwiller. 

Next up is "Observer Effect," a new scenario by Shane Ivey. 

Then comes the first BIG stretch goal: an expanded core book for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. It will include everything that's in the Agent's Handbook plus tons of material on running Delta Green campaigns, creating new threats, exploring the Delta Green setting as it's evolved over the years, customizing the setting to make it your own, customizing the Cthulhu Mythos to make it new and terrifying, and above all surprising your players and keeping them in suspense.

So when we hit that big goal we'll be producing two books: The Agent's Handbook for anyone, and the big core book for those of you who want to be able to run campaigns from the ground up.

And we have some massive, terrific sourcebooks planned beyond that.

So help us spread the word. Bring new players in. Start running games. Make these books happen.